BSC Video 1: Development as Four Fold Transformation

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In order to better understand and respond to implementation failure, it is instructive to start with a big picture summary of what we think most people believe “development” to be. In this introduction video, Michael Woolcock discusses how a society undergoes a four fold transformation in its functional capacity to manage its economy, polity (political systems represent the aggregate preferences of citizens), society (rights and opportunities are extended to all social groups) and public administration (organizations function according to meritocratic standards and professional norms), becoming “developed” over time. You can watch the video below or on YouTube.

If you are interested in learning more, read Looking Like a State: Techniques of Persistent Failure in State Capability for Implementation.


  1. I am working for a governmental bilateral assistance agency and interested in the concept of PDIA because I feel the limitation of traditional log-frame approach in war-torn countries and other unstable countries. My concern is not mere theory but how we can adapt PDIA into the field of international development. Series of video posted in this site should be useful for me to brush up my idea. Looking forward to watching the coming videos.

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