BSC Video 10: Specifying the Design Space

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The design space of actual development projects is complex, granular, and nuanced. In this video, Lant Pritchett, uses a simple example of a design space for teacher training to illustrate this point. You can watch the video below or on YouTube.

If you are interested in learning more, read It’s All About MeE: Using Structured Experiential Learning (‘e’) to Crawl the Design Space.

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  1. I understand that there are many ways in teachers’ training and we need to find out which way best fit to improve their ability.
    However, how can we know that improving teachers’ ability will eventually enhance children’s leaning ability, which is considered as a main problem. In other words, even though we found the best way to improve teachers’ capacity, unless the improvement would not lead any change in children’s leaning, it is helpless. Is there any way to avoid the “attribution gap” ?

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