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Matt Andrews teaches a course entitled “Getting Things Done: Management in the Development Context,” at the Harvard Kennedy School. He often gets asked about what he teaches in his course. So, he has decided to experiment with blogging about his course after every class. Each blog entry will include his powerpoint presentation, his syllabus, required readings/videos as well as a summary of what happened in class.

He already has two blogs up. The first class was about the need to understand the bureaucracy better, and second class was on classical management theory, bureaucracy and scientific management. You can see the entire syllabus here. This is your opportunity to follow the class and learn more about “getting things done in development.” Let us know what you think.



  1. This is a great opportunity to follow the class from anywhere. I’m a Latin American (Mexican) doing a postdoc training at McGill. Thinking about where does public governing capacity or good governance como from?, focusing on the “Politics of State Capability” and its nexus for public goods provision. This class is a terrific insight, because I’m trying to explore How does state capability traps affect the legitimacy and the quality of public provision in developing countries. I’m also examining political strategies ( Innovative how’s) to build state capacity for avoiding “governance by appearance”. For doing so, now I’m defining a focus to look at some empirical evidence, maybe I will take examples from the determinants of population health..).

    Very thanks to Proffesor Andrews.

    Best Regards

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