Announcing our newest online course: Creating Public Value

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We are delighted to announce that we will be offering a brand new free online course entitled Creating Public Value, from October 7 – December 2, 2018. The course will be taught by Mark H. Moore, Professor of Strategic Public Management at the Harvard Kennedy School.

This is an 8-week course for individuals who have executive responsibility in government (whether senior, midlevel, or frontline) and in the nonprofit sector as well as for social entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to create public value. If you think of yourself as a public value creator, or would like to know how to become one, then this course is for you!

This course in “Creating Public Value” will help you develop and use a “restless, value-seeking imagination” that can help make the world better for each and for all. In this course, you will think and learn not only about practical realities, but also about values; not only about analytic methods, but also about imagination; not only about techniques, but also about character and spirit. You will learn concepts to guide your thinking and have the opportunity to reflect on how you might meet the moral and behavioral challenges associated with becoming a resourceful and wise public value creator.

The course will include a series of short video lectures, required reading, assignments, reflection exercises, and online discussions. We estimate that the weekly effort will be between 5-8 hours. This is a practical course, and you will be expected to work on your own public value proposition as part of your course work. To learn more about this course and our expectations, listen to the podcast.

Enrollment is limited. Registration is now closed for this course. We will review your application and subject to availability, you will receive an invitation to the course site by Saturday October 6, 2018.



  1. This course is so enriching! I am currently half-way into the lectures and they keep interesting and helping me to challenge the status-quo! Thank you @Harvard, thank you HKS-Centre for International Development!

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