PDIAtoolkit now available in Spanish!

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At Building State Capability, we are excited to see the PDIA methodology being tested and adapted in many countries around the world. In order to make our videos and materials more accessible, we have started translating them into other languages, most recently in Spanish.

In January this year, we were approached by a former HKS student, Marco Midence, who was teaching a course for master’s degree students at UNITEC in Honduras. The purpose of the course is to advise students on their applied research graduation projects. He was interested in using the PDIA approach as a main part of the course. We had a draft version of our PDIAtoolkit translated in Spanish and thought this would be a great opportunity to test it out.

So … for the past two months, the 15 students have been using the PDIA tools to break down their problems, take action, and continuously learn more about the root causes of the problems. The projects are diverse, covering topics such as Honduras’ coffee sector, an entrepreneurship hub, and solar energy.

Last night, Matt Andrews met with some of the students in Tegucigalpa, and learned about their experiences and the many iterations and fishbone diagrams they have gone through. We also used this opportunity to announce the official launch of the PDIA toolkit in Spanish. Here’s a picture!


You can now download the Spanish version of the PDIAtoolkit and can also find 31 videos with subtitles in Spanish here. Here’s the PDIAtoolkit in English in case you had not seen it.

We hope these tools can be useful and we are looking forward to hearing how the tools can be adapted to different contexts around the globe. ¡Buena suerte!

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