Public Leadership Through Crisis 7: Additional resources for you

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written by Matt Andrews

In today’s post I will be locating information, examples, and more to assist those leading through crisis. Please send suggestions and additions. I am sure it will be a constantly changing post.


Are you looking for ideas on  leadership in this storm?

Leading through crisis, and Covid-19 in particular

This online interview with my colleague Dutch Leonard on leading through crisis is fantastic.

This online page at the Freeman Spogli Institute (FSI) for International Studies at  Stanford is very good.

This is a page with short ideas on managing the current crisis from a selection of colleagues at the Harvard Kennedy School.

This post by Tomas Pueyo on Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance is excellent and offers good ideas on actual responses based on what other countries are doing.

This pdf on Mitigating the COVID Economic Crisis edited by Richard Baldwin and Beatrice Weder di Mauro is also useful.

This post on ELGL by Maggie Jones on Finding Place in COVID-19 and learning about ourselves and each other.

This is a good effort to get lessons from CEOs in the Asia-Pacific region about dealing with coronavirus.

Personal care for yourself and those close to you (family or your team)

This is a great essay by Danny Kaufmann at Brookings, on Caremongering in the time of Coronavrius: Random Acts of Kindness and Online Enrichment.

How to Lead and communicate virtually

A comment on my previous post about communication asked if we had anything to  say about communicating—and  leading—virtually. A great and important topic, especially now. If  you and your team are remote, how do you communicate?

Here are some sources offered by friends and colleagues:

Abigail Bellows suggested reading this article by Amanda Briggs-Hastie on Nine  tips for virtual NGO team leadership.

Adriana Hoyos offered Paul Keijzer’s post on Remote Leadership: How to Lead Your Team from a Distance.

Tim O’Brien sent a reminder to look at Allison  Shapira’s material, including this video on 3 tips to presenting virtually.

Also consider the recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers by Barbara Larson, Susan Vroman and Erin Makarius.

And (also from HBR) 15 Questions About Remote Work, Answered by Tsedal Neeley.

Here is another article by Arlene Hirsch on building and leading high-performing remote teams.

Advice on connecting across distances from Harvard Law School.

London business school has an excellent  video on working virtually

Teams and broad leadership

I  love Mary Jo Asmus’s thoughts; here are some on including broad groups in complex decision-making (see also at the  bottom  of the  page links  to being vulnerable and having a team of equals).

Chris Ruisi offers these ten  ideas on managing teams during crisis.

Communication more broadly

Allison Shapira has this article on reassuring your team when news is scary.

I like what Amanda Dockworth or the Brunswick Group says in this video on crisis communications. It is a video worth watching.

I found the Irish Prime Minister’s address on Covid-19 a good example.

I also thought the South African President’s address on Covid-19 a good example, as well as the  way the Daily Maverick provided this bullet point summary of it (note: that I do not know the publication and am not endorsing any outlet etc… rather I’m just putting specific examples out for anyone who finds examples useful).

I have heard that Norway’s Prime Minister had an interactive address to her nation’s children. I have not seen it but the descriptions here and here suggest there is a lot that others can  learn from her.

I have already pointed to the Singapore Prime Minister’s speech, but here is a new reference.

Nicola Sturgeon (first Minister of Scotland) made a good speech  on covid-19

Chancellor Merkel  of Germany  made a  good speech  on covid-19

Marriott’s CEOs communication is a good measure for other private sector leaders to consider

Chicago doctor Emily Landon’s communication  is  a good example for medical practitioners to learn from

The Public Leadership Through Crisis blog series offers ideas for leaders questioning how they can help and what kind of leadership is required in the face of a crisis (like the COVID-19 pandemic).

If you are interested in reading more, click here for part 8 of this blog series. Also visit the landing page for this series on our website


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