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Are you a public policymaker frustrated with the limited impact of your government’s policies? Do you see many policy ideas starting out with promise but ending up incomplete or ineffectively implemented? Are you trying to improve implementation? If so, you are not alone.

Join with peers from around the globe for a dynamic, highly engaging blended learning format of Implementing Public Policy (IPP) offering a combination of both online and in-person learning, as well as applied action learning —where participants will have time to work on their implementation challenge, apply their learning to their own context, reflect on their experiences, share and learn, and become part of a global community of practice.

Listen to faculty chair Matt Andrews discuss the IPP curriculum.

Since 2019, over 250 participants in 40 countries have successfully completed the program and joined our community of practice. Here is what participants had to say about the program:

The IPP course was one of the best educational experiences I have ever had in my over 25 years of local government and non-profit work!

“I’ve come across ideas similar to PDIA before. But, every time I’ve seen it before there didn’t seem to be any tools associated, like when to use it or why to use it. It’s quite valuable to have a framework to help deconstruct a problem and to think through the steps of approaching a complex policy challenge.”

“I loved how we learned to use the problem as the motivation strategy and to get people on board in authorizing the work and in sharing in responsibility for the solutions. If you can agree there is a problem, it becomes harder to deny that solutions are needed.”

Watch a testimonial video from alumni of the program. You can also read about their  learning journey stories.

We recently launched a podcast series featuring the IPP alumni from the class of 2019. The episodes focus on how they are using the PDIA tools and approach in designing and implementing public policy, two years after the completed the program. They also share what the IPP Community of Practice means to them.

Join our IPP community by applying now!

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