Using PDIA to Decode Growth in Honduras

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From left to right: Jose Arocha, Matt Andrews, Marco Midence and Jorge Jimenez.

Over the past 10 weeks, Matt Andrews has been working with a team of three mid-career students from Latin America on a project applying the problem analysis in PDIA to the challenge of growth in Honduras. We had shared their fishbone diagram in a previous post. The team used growth diagnostics, product space analysis, and PDIA to find practical entry points for moving forward. We are proud of them and wish them the best on their PDIA adventure!

Watch the video of their presentation. You can also follow along with their Powerpoint Presentation

Stay tuned for more updates on their journey after they return home.



  1. […] Su tesis final estuvo enfocada en los sectores o industrias hondureñas que prometen generar valor económico a nuestro país. “Fue el primer estudio de esta naturaleza que se realizó sobre Honduras en Harvard, por lo cual estoy eternamente agradecido con mis profesores y la universidad por el apoyo para producir esa primera investigación rigurosa. Junto al profesor, la universidad grabó la presentación final del trabajo y aquí comparto el vínculo: https://buildingstatecapability.com/2018/05/14/using-pdia-to-decode-growth-in-honduras/ […]

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